A child once asked his father, “What’s the purpose of the small?

The wee in size, that some surmise

can hardly kick a ball?”

To this his dad did crack a smile,

“Dear son, to help us see-

it’s not one’s girth that weaves their worth

but who they choose to be.

“But dad!” the young child yelped aloud

“My legs can’t cut the score!”

To which dad said while off to bed,

“And even still you soar.”

The flustered child chased after him to ask what he did mean-

to which dad spoke, through aging oak, this message to his bean.

“Some say the ant is nothing, but a spot upon the ground

and yet he has a purpose, on the surface, that he’s found.

Or take that little duckling that has yet to soar the skies-

though the creature tumbles, it’s a teacher for its tries.

Some say the ant is nothing, but a tiny little dot

that some surmise through eagle’s eyes, is hardly worth a thought

and too some say the duckling, that has yet to gain in weight

by its size, and cracking cries, is hardly half of great.

Not all ants are mighty, child

and not all ducks are strong,

and not all birds have pretty plumes,

or sing a sweetened song.

But just because they lack in what the some surmise as best

does not mean small can’t stand as tall-

it means you too are blessed.

In your own life, the way you run is suited for your walk

and how you kick, and if you’re quick

might fashion how you talk.

At the end of this here journey,

what matters not is ‘great’

it’s how you treat your neighbour with the caber of your gait.

It matters not what some surmise, but what you think of you.

So kick that ball, though it be small

and stand on what is true.”

The boy looked at his father and with mouth agape, the son

ran into his open arms to softly sigh, “I won.”

-Amy Struthers

(Image by: Harika G)


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