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Diary Entry 7:


I return from watching Laurel and Hardy/The Three Stooges with Tim and Gabe. Based on a design by Vera Brosgol. Started: 9:48- 11:15 ended.

Pear, the prickly peasant girl
on a quest to test her love,
combed the caves and rode the waves
it took while wearing glove.

Alas, her tale is tragic in the sense her pointed hands
couldn’t brave the tether of the weather’s harsh demands.
She happened on a town in which the locals were balloons
then happened to so blind a man the clan had named Magoons.
She ended up as shipwrecked,
and then, a peasant queen
disguised as a poor beggar
so she wouldn’t make a scene.

How slippery a slip-up,
when Pear before the king
speared him with the finger on which
he had cast a ring.

Though he was quite perturbed by pain,
his memories surged back in
as sharp as they were ever
for the harp that was his Pin.

Oh, how the king was smitten, by the point that Pear did prove
that both now sail the continents with confidence in groove.

-Amy Struthers