Cat Burglar

There one lived a cat that could bark, its owner would perch in the park, as to lap up the looks on the faces of crooks, confused, as they tripped through the dark. -Amy Struthers


There once lived a horse with no hair, a conman had seen at the fair. So he threw on a wig, and did book it a gig, as ‘Mullet the Magical Mare’. -Amy Struthers

Family Tree

An apple once asked of his dad, “Why is it our bunch is so bad?” To which he replied, “Guess it stems from the side of Smith, for it’s granny who’s mad!” -Amy Struthers

Wisdom Tooth

There once lived a tooth who loved plaques, who aced every final in Cracks. Shame the height of his gain brought him nothing but pain, when the pull from his prof made him lax. -Amy Struthers

Ribeye Dad

A Ribeye once looked to his son to holler, “Your work is well-done!” To which he replied, “Guess it runs in my hide”, when his phrase met the phase of a bun. – Amy Struthers

The Locksmith from Wales

There once lived a locksmith from Wales who was rather screwy in sales. Who’d proffer the poor a latch to a door, he’d loosen by nicking the nails! -Amy Struthers

The Clever Man

There once lived a man who was clever who thought he’d invest in a lever. One dime for each yank, attached to a bank, he’d coin as  ‘A Gripping Endeavor’. -Amy Struthers

The Boy With No Name

There once was a boy with no name upon whom no man could cast blame who by his born right, despite being bright, could never cash checks off his fame. -Amy Struthers