Cat Burglar

There one lived a cat that could bark, its owner would perch in the park, as to lap up the looks on the faces of crooks, confused, as they tripped through the dark. -Amy Struthers


There once lived a horse with no hair, a conman had seen at the fair. So he threw on a wig, and did book it a gig, as ‘Mullet the Magical Mare’. -Amy Struthers

The Dreamer and Georgie’s Advice

He said, “I’ll be a writer, so tomorrow I will start.”, to which his brother Georgie sighed, “But now’s the time for art!” “But I don’t have time”, the dreamer said. “Then make some!” Georgie cried. “For merry men who lived their life would say you haven’t tried. If you want to dream, then do…

The Death of a Popsicle

Ladies and gentlemen, if I may so say a few more words about our friend, who met her end when sat by famished birds: She lived a spotlight life you see, too sweet to be ignored, that’s why through panegyric, every cockroach states they’re floored. A model in the making when to Phoenix, she was…

Ira and his Idioms

Ira was a pensive boy who loved to speak his mind, until he thought upon a phrase which faced him in a bind. “Speak my mind?” What does that mean? Does it mean my brain can talk? Is it French or Dutch? Does it shout too much? Is its aim to simply mock? When someone…