For Juan

January 31st: (A response to Cornell’s: A Parrot for Juan Gris). Started: roughly 8:11. Finished roughly 8:55. In my dorm.) For Juan Who said that parrots were pretenders or that this world smiled when he did? You… custard-lipped Bramante, perched on your notions of ‘would’, when will you learn that digging your maltodextrined talons into…


To you who bestow on us knowledge, with the hope that one kernel will hold and pop someday, when we’ve lost our way, why that is a gift of gold. To you who take pleasure in beauty and truth, so that we may parrot your speech growing into our tongue, to gift that which was…


Bloom where you are planted, child, bloom amongst the weeds. Sprout within the desert, child, and turn your many seeds. Sow hope where there is hopelessness, sow faith where there is doubt, and never will you thirst for rain should there appear a drought. -Amy Struthers (Image by: Dorne Marting)

The Priceless Piece

For those who can draw, let your own soul be seen, never mind those who say it is drivel. To the walls of the MET, let the critics reflect, that such wonders began with a scribble. For those who can sing, let your own song be heard, never mind those who say it is chatter….