Based on Paul Delaroche’s ‘ ‘The Execution of Lady Jane Grey’. Stable I imagine the Savior of the world, when in seeing the hands of our lowly estate position lambs such as Jane for the slaughter, so mourns the suffering of a daughter whose blood will be spilt upon a tilted altar and served in a…


Based on ‘Venice, Moonlight’ by Christopher Williams. (Untitled) Strong arms churn in what a copper basin can hold, sloshing coral-colored flesh into a drum of decay. Lapping almond-scented slips under a bed of clay, blackened peonies depart from parched lips. – Amy Struthers


Based on Harry Willson Watrous’s ‘Sophistication’. Class A regal spout as positioned to reflect the visage of an upturned, porcelain nose. In a parlor where a five-lettered furnace glows, gardenia-grains shift inside of a milk-white bone. It’s petticoats worn on a petty evening and the call of an embroidered egret. -Amy Struthers


Based on ‘Sad girl’ by Miodrag Miljkovic. Biography Rare is the one who bothers to ask a burnout brunette about her day. Or why she has nothing to say when stories are steaming inside her. Whether or not her cat kneads the pages that keep her warm is of little consequence to the crowd. Whether…


Based on Caspar David Friedrich’s ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’. Drift Is this the way the world is? A slow sail onward or a deep breath in? A cloth fin to the side of a wide wind compassing home or the froth of forgetfulness blurring into an amber horizon? -Amy Struthers


Based on La Rêverie by Renoir. Jeanne Who would believe that dew drops could birth dimples or that the hope of spring could stir the lily that is my daughter? The water to a forget-me-not field, reaching towards the sun, with the gleam of its warmth in her eyes. My surprise, when in seasons I…