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Diary Entry 3:

Inspired by (pictured image): Double portrait of Marie Krøyer and P.S. Krøyer. The couple portrayed one another (1890).

(Started approx. 2:55 pm) Finished around 3:50 pm. In my dorm. Sigma.) January 24th, 2019.



With the working of two hands
we note
one rib
as she pecks the cage of canvas
so that others might stitch a coat
from the flakes of our fallen fibres.

Frustrated over a form her hand cannot fashion
what passion
guides these fumbling fingers
to linger
on the lips of my love?

Whose palette
reminds me of my short-fuse,
and the wash of favor,
when God smiled on twos.

We scrimmage.
I, with my quarrel-born locks
and you, with sensibility,
senselessly tied to details
that fail our Eden eyes.

-Amy Struthers