No One Asks About Blue

It’s assumed that of all of the colours,  Blue’s the most misunderstood, for where Yellow is mellow  and Green is serene, Blue is the absence of ‘good’.  To some, Blue’s a feeling of sadness,  hence why they say, ‘playing the blues’, but imagine what colours I’d sing of, if you spent one day in my…


There’s a nail on the wall -tilted and pocked above some half-chalked sketch of a man paying no mind to the chrysanthemums. He, who makes no fuss about the lights being on or off, stills in the room that studies his window, and welcomes us with the same worn-out expression we oblige. Out of formality…


Based on ‘In the Grass’ by Arthur Hughes. Heather Sing to me of scarlet skies and I will paint you a valley, sealing your sigh in my wind. One, where on topaz mornings, I might look out onto the restless waves and see in their rise, a reason why my heart skips stones. -Amy Struthers

Here, Besides

Based on ‘Woman with a Parasol Facing Left’ by Claude Monet.   Here, Besides In cleansing a pigment-encrusted brush, who turns their nails to scrape the clay-colored sands and play with the corals that sprout from a cup of clouded sea? Where blue bonnets can be, who dares to wash a wonder that is a…


Based on Egon Schiele’s ‘The Border of the city, Krumau’. Home I fashioned a home from stones I found along the way- those placed by the riverbeds and collecting rainwater in emptied fountains. those in hollows atop mountains and those from the hatbox of my youth. How humbling fell the words of Ruth, when once…


Based on ‘Venice, Moonlight’ by Christopher Williams. (Untitled) Strong arms churn in what a copper basin can hold, sloshing coral-colored flesh into a drum of decay. Lapping almond-scented slips under a bed of clay, blackened peonies depart from parched lips. – Amy Struthers


Based on Harry Willson Watrous’s ‘Sophistication’. Class A regal spout as positioned to reflect the visage of an upturned, porcelain nose. In a parlor where a five-lettered furnace glows, gardenia-grains shift inside of a milk-white bone. It’s petticoats worn on a petty evening and the call of an embroidered egret. -Amy Struthers


Based on Erich Heckel’s ‘Windmill, Dangast’. Pallet A tomato paste barn shivers in a jug of wind as a bashful beaker drips cool currants down its side. It’s Clyde in a common setting forgetting young Dale and the rattle of nails sharp enough to silence planks. It’s Joseph in the ranks looking for Lottie in…


Based on Caspar David Friedrich’s ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’. Drift Is this the way the world is? A slow sail onward or a deep breath in? A cloth fin to the side of a wide wind compassing home or the froth of forgetfulness blurring into an amber horizon? -Amy Struthers

Moonlight on 7th

Based on Joseph Christian Leyendecker’s painting ’The Violinist and His Assistant’. Moonlight on 7th Who could imagine a tree  singing of heaven  in an uprooted forest or the Actaeon of ambition  daring to quench his thirst  with a sonata that waltzes on glass?   Here stir the sonnets of broken bars and the metronomed soles…