Poem There once lived a young boy named Poem, who didn’t quite know how to rhyme, who fancied the fields and the flowers, his mom felt he’d sing of in time. Young Poem liked rowing and painting, and took well to Latin and Greek, Yet, for all that he grew, both in mind and in…

Family Tree

An apple once asked of his dad, “Why is it our bunch is so bad?” To which he replied, “Guess it stems from the side of Smith, for it’s granny who’s mad!” -Amy Struthers

Ribeye Dad

A Ribeye once looked to his son to holler, “Your work is well-done!” To which he replied, “Guess it runs in my hide”, when his phrase met the phase of a bun. – Amy Struthers

The Woman from San Saba

The stories you told and continue to tell are imbedded in my veins like that great, wide river riding the sound of fire past the pasture and into the bucking pen.   Now and again, I come back to this Saba soil, where the sound of your call brands my brain and guides my gallops…