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Diary Entry 41

Based on ‘The Experts’ by Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps. Started 8:33. Finished 8:58. In my dorm.


Monkey Business

There once lived a critic name Art
the locals all hailed as ‘quite smart’.
Shame he poked at the shape
of an affluent ape,
who wrote him right off of the chart.

-Amy Struthers

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Diary Entry 10:


January 31st: (A response to Cornell’s: A Parrot for Juan Gris). Started: roughly 8:11. Finished roughly 8:55. In my dorm.)

For Juan

Who said that parrots were pretenders
or that this world smiled when he did?

custard-lipped Bramante,
perched on your notions of ‘would’,
when will you learn
that digging your maltodextrined talons into
the of mutability of man
will only give rise to a cake of stares?

Who cares,
that you of all people
help the apprentice see potential in parchment
and that by brandishing your beak on what’s finished
you crack the case of constriction?

I do.
That’s who.

-Amy Struthers