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Diary Entry 25:

Based on Johann Georg Meyer’s ‘Betrayed’. Started: 12:03am. My dorm. Finished: 3:39pm.


The Ant

Pity the creature

that follows its thirst up the cobblestoned path

only to find a well that’s devoid of water

and a breadcrumbed poison rising in a writhing gut.

In a trail that marks its end,

a procession of pill bugs play on.

It’s dawn,

and the sprinklers keep turning.

Thrown like a sash to the flames

a wet,

wide-eyed wonder

groans into a grave of grass.

-Amy Struthers

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The Dreamer and Georgie’s Advice

He said, “I’ll be a writer, so tomorrow I will start.”,

to which his brother Georgie sighed, “But now’s the time for art!”

“But I don’t have time”, the dreamer said.

“Then make some!” Georgie cried.

“For merry men who lived their life would say you haven’t tried.

If you want to dream, then do it. If you want to write, then GO.

As nothing ever comes of talk, I’m interested in show.”

“Alright”, said he, “If you insist, for surely you are right.

Oh Georgie, can you tell me how we both began this fight?”

His clever twin responded

by pulling out a pen

to write upon his brother’s hand, “Let’s have this talk again.”

“Oh Georgie, please! Have you gone mad? But why repeat it twice?”

To which good Georgie snorted, “That’s what comes of sound advice!

You must repeat it daily, for as silly as it seems,

that’s how artists, like yourself, achieve the stuff of dreams.”

-Amy Struthers