About The Author


Hello and welcome to my blog The Right Handed Rhymer! My name is Amy Struthers and I am a peasant with a penchant for rhyming, in addition to being a fumbling factotum.

If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely the Grand Magistrate hasn’t poisoned me yet. Whether or not that is a good thing is left for you to decide.

About the Ministry of Quackly Affairs:

This clarification at the bottom of said poems, indicates a collaboration on final sound with the Grand Magistrate, who (for legal reasons), shall remain anonymous. Some may also refer to his Quackliness as my close friend, who, in his own right, is an exceptional pianist, collector of typewriters, and lover of Gilbert and Sullivan. Legend dictates that if you stick a duck in a dark alleyway and play the Modern Major General’s song, he will spontaneously appear in a top hat, only to ask if you have seen his lightbulb.