The Tail of a Tale

Some say that golden stories stem from treasures long forgot,

or grow from tales as big as whales that scarcely hold a plot.

But like all stories, bland and bold, each poet has their root-

a source from which they pulled their page to turn their cherished loot.

As it so happens, many creatures stirred a work of art,

then faded into etchings to preserve their beating heart.

But now, a creature needs our help to live beyond the ink-

to spark the future leaders who will save the ebbing link.

You may recall our friend with a fondness from your youth,

or perhaps you’ve fallen into step with creature far from couth.

He’s sported quite the trouser and the walking cane in sketch

and too, he’s played the hero and the self-destructive letch.

His voice is diacritic, whilst his skin is ever spotted-

it’s a marvel that his siblings sport a coat that’s duly dotted.

His home is one that painters crave when muse cannot be found,

for all such artists care to net the beauty of his bound.

His line has stood the test of time, for Moses knew him well

and too the witches in Macbeth who used him in their spell.

He taught the children who to trust when he gave Mouse a ride,

then how to ditch the pesky trout who curbed his fishing pride.

You see, this creature brought us joy though some could seldom see

how bright and simply breathless its old influence could be.

But you can save this creature if you seek to play a part-

yes, you, or two, can save the frog who fueled this work of art.

No creature should exist in tale or drawing by itself

or yet, a pickled figure on a beige museum shelf,

nor should your children’s children need to travel many miles

to see a statue of the frog who brought them many smiles.

For if all it takes is a helping hand, a youthful mind and a loving stand,

we all can save, the art from grave, to pass the story on.

-Amy Struthers

Image by Stephane Yaich


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