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Diary Entry 19:

12:23pm. My dorm. I visit my friends but leave prematurely. Some things have happened that I don’t wish to discuss. The individuals I’ve met at my university are quite possibly the most manipulative people I have met in my entire life. I’ve taken to looking for friends online because I cannot cope with the ignorance and abuse that dictates camaraderie. Finish at 11:43pm. Based on La Rêverie by Renoir.

7_Jeanne Samary in a low necked dress 1877-1.jpg


Who would believe that dew drops could birth dimples
or that the hope of spring
could stir the lily that is
my daughter?
The water
to a forget-me-not field,
reaching towards the sun, with the gleam of its warmth in her eyes.
My surprise,
when in seasons I carried her smile-
her rose-kissed cheeks and her leafing limbs,
bearing a name
that means ‘God is gracious’
and kissed my head with the favor of a love I buried.
Before Jeanne, I tarried
in the garden where now, I plant my place.

-Amy Struthers


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