The Trial of Mr. Aphid

“Mr. Aphid was framed! Sir, he can’t take a bite-

See that sizable hole? Well…his mouth isn’t right!

Oh sir, Mr. Aphid was cautioned before

and told Mrs. Lady he wouldn’t eat more!

Just because there was sap in the threads of the pair,

doesn’t mean that he ate it. You have to be fair!”


On proof Mr. Aphid had thread in his mouth,

he was shut in a nut and then carried out south-

where he stood to be tried by a room full of bugs

from arachnids, to horse flies, to roaches and slugs.


“When approached with the evidence” one did attest,

“There were trails of fresh sugar that followed the pest

and when we did follow it back to his door,

there were threads in his mouth and loose ends on the floor.”


“How do you plead?” coughed the judge to the bug

as the bite from a mite, sailed his seat to the rug.


“Innocent, sir. I was framed, don’t you see?

Just because there’s a trail, doesn’t mean that it’s me!”


“Objection your honor! I know it’s the kid.

If you didn’t do it, then tell us who did.”


But just as she spoke, the whole courtroom did shake

When appeared overhead, the bold bill of a drake.

“Hey! Hey!” yelped the duck, as he picked up the roof

when the judge yelled, “Dismissed. On the grounds of poor proof.

Mr. Aphid, I’m giving you one day at most,

to prove you are not the responsible host.”


When the duck dropped the box and the bugs jumped and flew

Mr. Aphid emerged with the trace of a clue.

“If I plant a mitt and then stay up all night,

I will catch who did frame my poor name for my right.

Now, where must I hide? For no creature can see

a bug draped in the shade it has made from a bee.

I know what I’ll do! I will hide in a shell!

For that nut made the cut, as it fit me so well.

Yes, that’s what I’ll do! I will wait in the grass,

to see the rare mug of the thing that will pass.”

And so Mr. Aphid did wait until night,

to capture the captor and prove he was right.


When a rustle appeared, Mr. Aphid peered out

to see a white beard and a black wetted snout

that was gnawing on grass, when it spotted the mitt

and left a thick paste on the chunk it had bit.

Then, it looked for a squirrel and did place what it ate

at the foot of her tree, in one wad on her plate.


“En garde!” cried the aphid. “Yes, I have you at last!”

to which the thing shuttered and darted off fast.

So, Mr. Aphid did motion a bird

who filled his request on the test that she heard,

“The git who is guilty is getting away! Should they raid the glade, it is us that will pay!”


When the bird told the aphid to ‘jump’ and ‘hold on’,

the two took off after the crook on the lawn.

Then they cornered it near the tin shed on the farm

when they told it, “Confess!” or they’d sound the alarm.


The thing was bewildered, for who would believe,

that a goat of all creatures would pillage and thieve.


And so it did look at the pair and then say,

“If you sound my da, I won’t handsomely pay.”


Then the bird let a song that did bounce off the shed

and in through the blinds to the man in his bed.


When he woke up and saw that his goat was outside,

he put on his cap as he sluggishly cried,

“Now go on and get your hide back to the pen,

both the Mrs. and I thought we’d lost you again.

This time I’m locking it, no ifs or buts!

It’s the third time you’ve pried and you’re driving us nuts!”


When the aphid and bird did ensure all was well,

she appeared as his witness and told of the spell-

How the ‘sap’ was just ‘drool’,

how the squirrel had been framed,

and the bug, who by most, had been publicly shamed.

“Yes, the goat was the culprit.” The bird turned and said,

“Had it not been for Aphid, who baited with thread.”


“We find he is guiltless!” they cried all at once

when the Mrs. revealed she had acted as dunce,

to accuse Mr. Aphid on grounds that the sap

was reason for her to fall into such trap.

Then she handed him mittens and reached for his hand,

as she thanked him for taking a stouthearted stand.

-Amy Struthers


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